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München 72

Educational program & Groups

Our booking service is open 10.00 a.m. -12.00 noon, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Tel. +49-(0)89-233-27979

E-Mail: buchung.stadtmuseum@muenchen.de

Looking for an experience individually tailored to your particular group?

You can make exclusive bookings of the tours listed below:

  • Munich 72. Fashion, People, and Music: Exhibition highlights, 60 minutes / €90

Booking a visit

If so, please book your group’s time slot as early as possible and no later than 10 days before you intend to come. This helps us ensure that everyone enjoys their time at the Museum.

All groups, regardless of size, must book their visit in advance. This applies to pre-school, school and youth groups, groups from other educational institutions, tour parties and guides who accompany their own groups.

Tour guide system

Adult groups of 8 and over accompanied by a guide (own or Museum guide) must use the tour guide system available free of charge from the ticket desk.

If you intend to visit the Museum with a group of children or young people, please note that it is the responsibility of group leaders (kindergarten and school teachers, etc.) to supervise their groups at all times while in the Münchner Stadtmuseum and its grounds and while participating in educational activities either in the Museum itself or elsewhere in the city.