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München 72

Mapping "Munich 72"

Mapping "Munich 72” aims to build up a map of the city by piecing together your recollections of the Olympics. Feel free to upload your audio recordings, videos, images, and text to our interactive map. You can also view or listen to items that have already been posted and use the map to find the stops on the “Munich 72. In Search of Traces of the Olympic Games” tour and the #WaldiChallenge locations.

Our collection of digital memories from different places around the city shows the Olympic Games in a whole new light. Which parts of town (other than the Olympic Park) are most closely associated with the Games? Which parts of town underwent the most significant changes in 1972? What are the best places to find lingering traces of the Games in Munich today? 

Do you have any photos from 1972 or special memories of places associated with the Games that you would like to share with others?  Click on the “Add memory” button to open a window. Then enter an informative title, write a description (this can be as long or short as you like) and mark its location on the map. Why not upload your favorite videos, photos, and audio recordings? Our request to provide your name and email address is merely a formality. You can rest assured that it will not appear on the map. Nor do you need to register with our site. To browse through the memories already uploaded, simply click on one of the entries on the map and take a virtual stroll through Munich in search of traces of the Olympic Games.

Enjoy them at your leisure!

A cooperation of Münchner Stadtmuseum and JFF Media Centre Munich