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München 72

Munich 72. FORUM 054: INA KWON. Piles of Earth and Rubble

July 29, 2022 – January 8,2023

“Munich 72” is accompanied by “FORUM 054: INA KWON. Piles of Earth and Rubble”, a contemporary gallery exhibition. The works of Berlin artist and graphic designer Ina Kwon explore Munich’s Olympiaberg (Olympic Hill). Kwon juxtaposes images of Munich and Gyeongju, South Korea, where tumuli dating back to the Kingdom of Silla are found scattered throughout the city. After years in oblivion, many of these burial mounds were finally reconstructed in the 1970s. In Munich, Schuttberg, a great pile of rubble left behind by World War II has also found new life, this time as the central element of a landscape park to mark the Summer Olympics. Ina Kwon uses photographs and text to illustrate her travels and research in these two locations, where artificial hills are use used variously to bury, expose, construct, and rewrite history.