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München 72


The 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich featured, in addition to its sporting events, an extensive cultural program built around the notions of free, democratic interaction and co-creation. This spirit is reflected in our “Munich 72. Experience – Participate & Co-create – Dive Deep” program:

The Münchner Stadtmuseum would like to invite you to share your memories of the Munich 1972 Summer Olympics by visiting the “Munich 72” Storytelling Café. You can also take part in the project online.

Explore our exhibition highlights, get the inside story from the curators themselves, visit the exhibition at the Museum and at Olympic sites across the city, or simply enjoy a brief introduction – a range of options where there is sure to be one that suits you!

The 1972 Olympics. Some 20 tour stops across Munich set you on the trail of hidden traces of the Olympic Games. Take the tour by yourself or in the company of our curators, on foot or by bike.  And why not combine it with checking out the analog and digital exhibits in the Museum?

Our “Mapping Munich” project aims to build up a map of the city by piecing together your recollections of the Olympics. It pinpoints the stops on the “Munich 72. In Search of Traces of the Olympic Games” tour on the map, and provides access to a range of fascinating photos, audio recordings, videos, and stories. Please feel free to browse this map – and also feel ready to submit a personal contribution.


Test your knowledge and assess your sporting prowess – take the #WaldiChallenge and get active!

Media workshops, other forms of storytelling and a musical construction site offer a door into the democratic, co-creational and collaborative spirit of the 1972 Olympics. Our musical construction site, modeled on the “Spielstraße” (Avenue of Entertainment) of the 1972 Olympics, is a space where artists and visitors can join forces to create visual and sound compositions that draw on and reinterpret the cultural heritage of the Olympic Games and even take it into the digital sphere.

The individual events can be found in our event kalender.

You are welcome to make exclusive group bookings of the exhibition and our guided tours.