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München 72

“KOLLABS” Musical Construction Site

We have created a laboratory space directly above the “Munich 72. Fashion, People, and Music” exhibition, that involves experimental methods to present historical visual material and sound. Workstations display documentary material about the 1972 Olympics and use photographs, film, sound, and movement as a bridge between memories of Munich 72 and contemporary thinking.

The original instruments exhibited and traces of Mauricio Kagel’s 1972 composition “Exotica”, both in sound and vision, will be juxtaposed with our perception of Neue Musik as currently produced.

The entire installation is conceived of as an open “collaborative laboratory” loosely modeled on Werner Ruhnau’s Olympic “Spielstraße” (Avenue of Entertainment). Its content and appearance constantly change, just like any construction site, as they are enriched by the collaboration between artists, curators, and visitors.

The aim of this concept is to facilitate lively, democratic interaction among all participants and encourage an open discussion that both fosters and challenges our understanding of and interest in the different currents that make up Neue Musik. We might even create completely new visual and sound compositions that evoke and help us process the events of 1972, relating them to our present-day lives via a walk-through installation.