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München 72

The Inside Stories on the Exhibition “Munich 72. Fashion, People, and Music"

Vibrantly colorful official staff uniforms by André Courrèges, hostess costumes that in the eyes of graphic designer Otl Aicher evoke the Alps, and the Music Collection instruments once used to perform “Exotica”, a composition specially commissioned from Mauricio Kagel, and last, but not least, memorabilia shared by the people of Munich. This tour of the highlights of our exhibition provides an appetizing glimpse behind the scenes of the Olympics and Munich ’72.

In cooperation with the Münchner Volkshochschule.

Our “Fashion, People, and Music” exhibition sets visionary and provocative items from the Museum’s Fashion and Music collections alongside memorabilia and stories shared by Munich residents. Expect the unexpected, and occasionally the familiar. These insights into Munich and the 1972 Olympics cannot fail to fascinate. 

In this inside-story series, our curators give short, 30-minute talks about their research and share firsthand information about the genesis and highlights of the three strands of our exhibition. Each talk zooms in on a different subject: 

Fashion and the 1972 Olympics The 1972 Olympics proved to be a riot of vibrant color. There must be a story behind the colorful staff uniforms and folkloric hostess costumes that symbolized these “Cheerful Games”. Get the lowdown from curator and Head of Collection Dr. Isabella Belting.  

Music and the 1972 Olympics – During the Games, the premiere of “Exotica” specially commissioned from German-Argentine composer Mauricio Kagel was performed using instruments loaned by the Music Collection. Find out all the background to this and other cultural events in the Summer of '72 from curator and Head of Collection Dr. Miriam Noa.

People and the 1972 Olympics – What do the people of Munich associate with the Games? How did these events leave their mark on the city? Curators Pia Singer and Luisa Rupprich give the inside story behind an interactive collective memory map created out of private loans and items from the Museum’s own collections.

For a general introduction to our exhibition, or a deep dive into a particular exhibit, our approachable (Olympic) experts, who can be easily identified by their pink buttons, have all the answers.

In cooperation with Münchner Volkshochschule

This combined tour kicks off with a visit to the museum exhibition, to discover visionary and provocative items from the Museum’s Fashion and Music collections, view recently collected memorabilia and hear stories hitherto undiscovered. This is followed by a tour of the old town to visit some of the stops on the Olympic discovery tour and recall places and events associated with the Munich Olympics. 

In cooperation with Münchner Volkshochschule

The museum exhibition combines visionary and provocative items from the Museum’s Fashion and Music collections with memorabilia shared by members of the public, while the citywide discovery tour focuses on famous, forgotten and possibly unexpected places associated with the Munich Olympics. Our digital tour allows you to combine both exhibitions and peruse the events of the Games at your leisure.

In cooperation with Münchner Volkshochschule